November 13, 2009

Je-fa-fa Dun-ham

Arguing with Myself - 2006
Spark of Insanity - 2007
Very Special Christmas Special - 2008

Teoretic incep examenele si trebuie sa invatam. Practic, incercam [pt a va informa cum click]. Asadar, am inceput sa revad filmuletele lui Jeff Dunham. Pur si simplu nu te poti plictisi de glumele alea :D
Le puteti viziona pe Youtube aici, sau downloadati intregul film. Vizionare placuta!!

Jeff Dunham: Come on, Walter, a lot of excitement happens here in Washington D.C.
Walter: Oh, I know, what happens in D.C. stays on YouTube.

Peanut: Jeff Dun-HAM... dot com! Jeff Dun-HAM... dot com!
Peanut: And... and you know... you know when you think about it for thirty seconds, it's actually "Jef-fafa" Dun-HAM... dot com!
Jeff Dunham: What?
Peanut: Jef-fafa.
Jeff Dunham: "fafa"?
Peanut: You're using an unneeded F. Jef-fafa... Dun-HAM... dot com! Am I pissing you off-fafa? Jef-fafa? Dun-HAM... dot com. You know, the weird part is I am actually pissing him off! And he would like to *kill* me! But he will not, because that would be a form of suicide.

Jeff Dunham: So if you've been in my suitcase all this time, how have you been getting past security?
Achmed: Oh, that's easy. They just open the case and I go, "Hel-looooooooo. I am Lindsay Lohan!"

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